Doodle 4 Google Black Lives Matter

While these posts might be well-intended, a number of activists and influencers have mentioned that posting a blank black image with a bunch of tags congests crucial channels of information and updates.

( CNN) It's Blackout Tuesday, a day promoted by activists to observe, grieve and bring about policy change in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Soon, though, the idea spread beyond the music industry. Nobody seems to understand why individuals started using #BlackOutDay to post the black squares, or when the #blacklivesmatter hashtag got added on. By Tuesday early morning, thousands of individuals had begun garnishing their posts with the #blackoutday and #blacklivesmatter hashtags.

" Join us on Tuesday, June 2, as a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community." Significant artists and record labels agreed to participate.Arrests are piling up by the thousands.

" We understand that's it no intent to damage but to be frank, this essentially does damage the message," psychological health advocate and Black Lives Matter activist Kenidra Woods posted on Twitter.